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Types of Men’s Swim Shorts

There are many different types of swim shorts. For example, you can wear Board shorts, Bather shorts, Jammers, or Print swim shorts. These shorts are great for summer and can be paired with various tops to create a stylish look. Listed below are the main types of swim shorts:

Board shorts

Board shorts are ideal for swimming and other water activities. Board shorts are longer than traditional swimming shorts, have an elastic waist, and are made of smooth polyester or nylon. They offer coverage without restricting movement and are ideal for beach volleyball, wakeboarding, and surfing. The drawstring waist makes them comfortable to wear, and they have several pockets for storage. For quality swim shorts, check out

swim shortsWomen’s board shorts can be worn over one-piece swimsuits or tankini tops. In addition, offers a vast selection of plus-size swimwear. The wide selection includes trendy plus-size swimsuits from designers like Beach House, Maxine, Roxy, Nike, and Tommy Bahama.

Bather shorts

Bather is a Canadian company that makes top-notch swim and surf shorts. Its unique swim trunks have an exceptionally soft lining, quick-drying fabric, and pockets. In addition, the brand supports marine conservation and ocean cleanup efforts. The brand’s swim trunks are also ideal for everyday wear.

Bather trunks come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours. However, the majority of them are made of cotton or polyester. They also feature elastic waistbands and drawstrings. The length of swim shorts depends on the size, but most are mid-thigh length.


Jammers’ swim shorts are famous for swimmers who prefer tighter coverage over aqua shorts. The tighter fit and chlorine-resistant fabric make these shorts comfortable and ideal for training and competition. They are also made with drawstrings for a secure fit and are UV50+ rated for outdoor swim training.

You may have several choices when shopping for a new pair of jammers. For example, you may choose between polyester or lycra-infused materials. While polyester is cheaper and lasts longer, it does not keep its shape as well as lycra. In addition, many jammers are UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade prematurely. For quality swim shorts, check out

Print swim shorts

Print swim shorts for men are a great all-around style. They’re an excellent option for soaring temperatures and beach days. They’re also perfect for a casual look away from the water. This pair of shorts are available in various colours, so you’re sure to find one perfect for you.

The shorts have a drawstring waistband for an easy fit and are made with quick-drying fabric. In addition, they’re made with UPF 50+ technology to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Board shorts with adjustable tabs

Board shorts with adjustable tabs are ideal for swimmers who want to keep their shorts in place while swimming or working out. Some brands offer tabs that adjust for a custom fit, while others are adjustable to fit any size. A good pair of swim shorts can keep you comfortable all day and are also great for a day at the beach with friends.

You will find many options on Amazon if you want a pair of board shorts with adjustable tabs. They offer various brands and styles and are usually priced relatively competitively. They’re also comfortable and breathable, making them an excellent choice for swimming or any other water activity.

Non-tailored swim shorts

Tailored swim shorts are very slim and tailored to fit your body. They are typically made from polyamide material and closely resemble chino shorts. Adam Brown was one of the first men to create tailored swimwear, and his designs quickly became popular among men. While tailored shorts do not always fit well, they look fantastic on some men.

When selecting swimwear, colour is essential. However, tropical prints can look overwhelming when worn on dry land. To avoid this, consider a neutral bottom. Alternatively, choose a tropical print with a less busy pattern.